Hasegawa Ma.K Falke Raider


This is the 1:20 Hasegawa Falke Raider Kit.

I built this a while back and whilst an expensive, all plastic so feels a lot more exoensive, its  agreat kit.

I bought it as a way of trying out a few weathering techniques with Ammo Scratching and weathering powders and techniques.

All paints are Vallejo other than the metallics which are Alclad.  The scheme is wholly made up, another benefit of these kits as there is no such thing as right 🙂

I really enjoyed building this but as usual the painting was my favourite part of the whole thing.

The base is custom, a piece of scrap wood I had flying around painted and stained black with a piece of clear plastic rod to give it that look of flying.

I hope you like and as usual any comments are greatly appreciated.  Until next time…

Moebius Cylon Centurion


This is the Moebius 1:6 Cylon Centurion kit from the new re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica.

This has since been re-released by Revell and can be found on most good model supplier websites and in a few shops like Forbidden Planet and other Sci-Fi retailers.

Its a really nice kit, was expensive, now not so from Revell.  In both cases its plastic and includes the base which I think is a nice touch.

It goes together really well, there isn’t a single touch of filler on this kit and most of the seams are well hidden in construction.  Until its all together it is a bit unstable as the joints do all kind of expect the whole kit to be there before its stable enough to self support.

As far as painting well given its look and feel there was only one choice, Alclad’s excellent range of metallics.  This went on over a gloss coat of black (again Alclad) and polishes up nicely.  I tried to use a few different gunmetal, aluminium and chrome finished to break up what could be a very bland and toy like appearance and I think it came out Ok.

Some have mentioned on other websites that the pose is a bit weird and whilst I mostly agree it’d take a lot of surgery, filler and some serious guts to mess around with it too much.
I have also seen it with the single “eye” animated with an electronic LED installation that looks really good, if a little creepy, but this wasn’t available when I modelled it.  I might do that one in a future build, who knows.

Overall I’d recommend this kit to anyone, especially now that its under £20 on some supplier sites in Revell form.  Like most kits its the painting that’ll either sell or kill it for you.

Let me know what you think and comments below are always greatly appreciated.  Until next time…

Dragon Iron Man MK VII Combat Pose

Dragon 1:9 Iron Man Combat Pose

Dragon 1:9 Iron Man Combat Pose

This is the third of the Dragon 1:9 Iron Man kits I have built.

Its another one that demands the “Candy Red” colour scheme so again its Alclad Gloss Black and then Alclad Gold which is then sprayed with abut three Clear Red Alclad coats until the colour looks right.  As the previous Iron Man kit everything was built in subsections and bought together at the end.

It also doesn’t have a single touch of filler, its so well made.  The arms hardly even need glueing on but I did it anyway.  Im not sure the pose is as good as the other kits, it looks like he is skipping along to me – Not very Tony Stark methinks, but I do like the fact that the arm opens up with a missile in it and that the shoulders have the small rockets there under covers you can pose either open or closed.

The base and metal rod which holds him up is all included in the kit and other than the pose mentioned above I think it comes out really well displayed like this.

I really enjoyed building this kit and the fun is all in the painting.

So what do I think?  It is a great kit and its Highly Recommended as far as I’m concerned.

Have a look at the pictures, I hope you agree and let me know what you think…


War Machine-4

This is the second Dragon 1:9 kit I built.  After building the Iron Man MK VII kit I thought I’d try the War Machine one.

It goes together, filler free, just as well as the Iron Man kit in the previous post I published.  Painting wasn’t so difficult either being mostly Gun Metal and Silver.  All paints are Alclad and painted over the Gloss Black Alclad base-coat.

The breakdown of the kit makes it really simple to keep the gunmetal and silver parts apart for most of the build and put together at the last minute.

I think the pose is great and probably one of the best poses of all the early kits Dragon produced.  On the base it looks just right and is a really good representation of the War Machine seen in the Iron Man movies.

So what do I think?  It is a great kit and its Highly Recommended as far as I’m concerned.

Have a look at the pictures, I hope you agree and let me know what you think…


Dragon 1:9 War Machine

Iron Man-4

This is the first Dragon 1:9 kit I have built.

I built it at the start of 2014 and it’s the first one they released and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to build it.  Dragon released this, and all the other Marvel Kits, as pre-built/pre-painted “models” too but as far as I was concerned without building it from scratch and painting it its not a model at all.

Building it was simple, build the body and legs as one sub assembly, the arms as a separate assembly and the hemet as another separate assembly.  It almost fell together, and there isn’t a single touch of filler in it either, its really that good.

Painting came up with all sorts of issues.  How do you replicate the classic “Candy Red” Iron Man scheme and make it look convincing.  Well after a bit of research I found that some car modellers have got the finish using Alclad Gold as a base and then Alclad Clear Red as the topcoat.  Some of the gold comes through the red and gives that “Candy” look I was looking for.  It helps that there is quite a bit of Gold on the helmet and other areas too so the undercoat becomes the gold sections of the kit.

All of the silver sections come separate (mostly) so they were painted separately using standard colours.

After that its just a case of bringing all of the various sub-assemblies together and you have a kit I love, and a very nice model of the Mk VII Iron Man armour.  The stand (a steel bar between foot and base) is included in the kit as is the very nice base which allows the modeller to display the kit in a really nice way.

So what do I think?  It is a great kit and its Highly Recommended as far as I’m concerned.

Have a look at the pictures, I hope you agree and let me know what you think…

Dragon 1:9 Iron Man Mk VII

Welcome One and All.

Hello Everyone.
Welcome to my blog.  Why did I do this?  Lord knows.

All I can say is that it’ll be all about my exploits with Scale Modelling, Flying and General Geek stuff.

I muddle around with all sorts of plastic modelling in most scales but unless its something huge that asks for a smaller scale I don’t usually go below 1/72.  My favourite scale for most models is 1/32nd for Aircraft and Sci-Fi, 1/35 for Armour and large scale for figures.

Flying-wise I have a share in an EV97 Eurostar.  Its a 3 axis Microlight which means it looks and acts like a “real” aircraft but is limited to 450KG and only has two seats.  Suits me though.

As far as geek stuff well it’ll be anything from CNC (I have a Shapeoko 2), Arduino, Netduino, Raspberry PI or anything else that takes my fancy including dabbling in PC’s and some very limited home automation/security stuff.

So, I hope you enjoy my rants and raves here.