About Me


Im Jason, and as the site says Im Just Another Geek, why choose that name?  Well its my Initials too.

Im ex Royal Air Force now a sometime Project Manager, sometime Consultant, sometime Engineer in the Air Traffic Control business.  I wont say who I work for but if I say ATC and the UK you can probably work it out.

I live, with my lovely very understanding, other half Julie in Berkshire (just west of London for those not aware of UK geography) and I have a child who lives in the south of the UK, on the coast, with his mum.

I really enjoy my hobbies which include Private Aircraft Flying (I have a share in an aircraft), Model making, Geek stuff and all sorts of gaming on PS4 and the PC.  To say Im a geek and proud of it would be an understatement.

I set this up to collect my thoughts, share my Flying, Model making and Geekdom for anyone who can be bothered to read it. I hope you enjoy.

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