War Machine-4

This is the second Dragon 1:9 kit I built.  After building the Iron Man MK VII kit I thought I’d try the War Machine one.

It goes together, filler free, just as well as the Iron Man kit in the previous post I published.  Painting wasn’t so difficult either being mostly Gun Metal and Silver.  All paints are Alclad and painted over the Gloss Black Alclad base-coat.

The breakdown of the kit makes it really simple to keep the gunmetal and silver parts apart for most of the build and put together at the last minute.

I think the pose is great and probably one of the best poses of all the early kits Dragon produced.  On the base it looks just right and is a really good representation of the War Machine seen in the Iron Man movies.

So what do I think?  It is a great kit and its Highly Recommended as far as I’m concerned.

Have a look at the pictures, I hope you agree and let me know what you think…


Dragon 1:9 War Machine

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