Dragon Iron Man MK VII Combat Pose

Dragon 1:9 Iron Man Combat Pose

Dragon 1:9 Iron Man Combat Pose

This is the third of the Dragon 1:9 Iron Man kits I have built.

Its another one that demands the “Candy Red” colour scheme so again its Alclad Gloss Black and then Alclad Gold which is then sprayed with abut three Clear Red Alclad coats until the colour looks right.  As the previous Iron Man kit everything was built in subsections and bought together at the end.

It also doesn’t have a single touch of filler, its so well made.  The arms hardly even need glueing on but I did it anyway.  Im not sure the pose is as good as the other kits, it looks like he is skipping along to me – Not very Tony Stark methinks, but I do like the fact that the arm opens up with a missile in it and that the shoulders have the small rockets there under covers you can pose either open or closed.

The base and metal rod which holds him up is all included in the kit and other than the pose mentioned above I think it comes out really well displayed like this.

I really enjoyed building this kit and the fun is all in the painting.

So what do I think?  It is a great kit and its Highly Recommended as far as I’m concerned.

Have a look at the pictures, I hope you agree and let me know what you think…


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