Hasegawa Ma.K Falke Raider


This is the 1:20 Hasegawa Falke Raider Kit.

I built this a while back and whilst an expensive, all plastic so feels a lot more exoensive, its  agreat kit.

I bought it as a way of trying out a few weathering techniques with Ammo Scratching and weathering powders and techniques.

All paints are Vallejo other than the metallics which are Alclad.  The scheme is wholly made up, another benefit of these kits as there is no such thing as right 🙂

I really enjoyed building this but as usual the painting was my favourite part of the whole thing.

The base is custom, a piece of scrap wood I had flying around painted and stained black with a piece of clear plastic rod to give it that look of flying.

I hope you like and as usual any comments are greatly appreciated.  Until next time…