Dragon 1:9 Iron Man Mk VII

Iron Man-4

This is the first Dragon 1:9 kit I have built.

I built it at the start of 2014 and it’s the first one they released and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to build it.  Dragon released this, and all the other Marvel Kits, as pre-built/pre-painted “models” too but as far as I was concerned without building it from scratch and painting it its not a model at all.

Building it was simple, build the body and legs as one sub assembly, the arms as a separate assembly and the hemet as another separate assembly.  It almost fell together, and there isn’t a single touch of filler in it either, its really that good.

Painting came up with all sorts of issues.  How do you replicate the classic “Candy Red” Iron Man scheme and make it look convincing.  Well after a bit of research I found that some car modellers have got the finish using Alclad Gold as a base and then Alclad Clear Red as the topcoat.  Some of the gold comes through the red and gives that “Candy” look I was looking for.  It helps that there is quite a bit of Gold on the helmet and other areas too so the undercoat becomes the gold sections of the kit.

All of the silver sections come separate (mostly) so they were painted separately using standard colours.

After that its just a case of bringing all of the various sub-assemblies together and you have a kit I love, and a very nice model of the Mk VII Iron Man armour.  The stand (a steel bar between foot and base) is included in the kit as is the very nice base which allows the modeller to display the kit in a really nice way.

So what do I think?  It is a great kit and its Highly Recommended as far as I’m concerned.

Have a look at the pictures, I hope you agree and let me know what you think…