Welcome One and All.

Hello Everyone.
Welcome to my blog.  Why did I do this?  Lord knows.

All I can say is that it’ll be all about my exploits with Scale Modelling, Flying and General Geek stuff.

I muddle around with all sorts of plastic modelling in most scales but unless its something huge that asks for a smaller scale I don’t usually go below 1/72.  My favourite scale for most models is 1/32nd for Aircraft and Sci-Fi, 1/35 for Armour and large scale for figures.

Flying-wise I have a share in an EV97 Eurostar.  Its a 3 axis Microlight which means it looks and acts like a “real” aircraft but is limited to 450KG and only has two seats.  Suits me though.

As far as geek stuff well it’ll be anything from CNC (I have a Shapeoko 2), Arduino, Netduino, Raspberry PI or anything else that takes my fancy including dabbling in PC’s and some very limited home automation/security stuff.

So, I hope you enjoy my rants and raves here.

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